Thompson Farm 2019
8915 Lee Hwy

Goodbye Thompson Farm - Hello subdivision!

Thompson Farm - aka Walnut Hill Farm, on Lee Hwy between Merrifild and Vienna Metro
A brief history of Walnut Hill Farm

July 16, 2019
The applicant has made a revised submittal. Given the resubmittal, the public hearing for this case will be deferred into September.
July 6, 2019
Land Development Services this week provided the timeline below, which includes the Planning Commission hearing scheduled for a week later than what's currently posted at the farm entrance. Staff was quite responsive; she provided a good overview of the process and the status:
  • July 8 - Meeting with Providence District Supervisor Smyth
  • July 17 - Final plans posted online
  • July 31 - Planning Commission Hearing at 7.30pm at the Government Center
The understanding is that if the Planning Commission votes to approve the plan at the July hearing, construction could start the next day. If they don't vote to approve, that would result in a longer decision-making process, with opportunity for more input from the County and the community. These negotiations often result in better outcomes, from an environmental perspective.

Link to the zoning amendment request – Application: RZ/FDP 2019-PR-001
Fairfax County Planning Commission July 2019 Meeting Agendas
“For more information on an application, including the staff report, return to this page approximately two weeks prior to the meeting date and click on the application number. You can also contact the Department of Planning and Zoning staff at 703-324-1290.”

The Department of Planning and Zoning is receptive to direct requests for information, their main number is 703-324-1380, the number listed on the sign is 703-324-1290. You can ask to schedule a time to go in and view the plan if you find the online version is too blurry to read well.

You can also contact the Providence District supervisor's office at 703-560-6946 - , or the Providence District Planning Commissioner. Both are very attentive to development projects like this, and receptive to community comments/queries. The Friends of Accotink Creek have a special connection to the Thompson Farm (aka Walnut Hill Farm). Read more in our April 20, 2015 Bulletin

Walnut Hill Farm has in recent years been the site of organic gardening projects. Read more HERE