Friends of Accotink Creek
Virginia Waterway Cleanup Day
part of the International Coastal Cleanup
September & October, 2018

Thanks to all the Friends of Accotink Creek who joined the International Coastal Cleanup along our 12 adopted stretches of Accotink Creek this cleanup season.

See all our cleanup photos on our SHUTTERFLY page!

The Vision: Legions of volunteers sweeping over the length of the creek and tributaries, clearing trash before them like swarms of locusts, then pressing on as zealous missionaries to spread the message far and wide to take responsibility for stopping litter at the source.

Our September 15, 2017, stream cleanups:

The feared remains of Hurricane Florence steered far to our south, giving us a decent day of overcast skies with highs in the upper seventies.

At King Arthur Road, our first site of the day, 6 volunteers joined us. Our volunteers collected 17 bags of trash and 3 tires. However, the great tractor tire half-buried in the sand at this location still defied us for another season. Our most unique find was a fire extinguisher.

At our second site of the day, Little River Turnpike, our 6 volunteers collected 18 bags of trash. Our most unusual find here was three joined sections of 8" white PVC pipe. The larger 18" section of pipe that has long been embedded in the gravel at this location again laughed at our puny efforts to dislodge it. Our volunteers focused most of their attention on the trash caught on a logjam that has accumulated at a trail bridge over Accotink Creek.

We had a bit of drama here when a bicyclist limped into our base after having injured himself on the nearby BMX jumps. We provided a lift to the hospital. These jumps are a sad and out of control scar in the woods of the park.

Braddock Road was our last site of the day. Our 8 volunteers collected 14 bags of trash and 4 tires. Our most unique find was a gas pipeline warning post. Volunteers engaged in a brief post-cleanup game of "trash ball" inprovised with a toy bat and water bottle from among our finds.

Time lapse volunteers: King Arthur Road & Little River Turnpike

How many ways can the message of personal responsibility be expressed?
No littering! No Dumping! Pitch in! Put trash in its place!
We all benefit by being reminded!

GET YOUR BRAIN WET! Think about your creek.

Turtle toy expresses its opinion of those who turned it into trash in Accotink Creek

Museum pieces - Pop-top cans circa 1970's
Our September 1, 2018 stream cleanups:

The weather forecast was for thunderstorms all day, but instead the dark clouds of morning blew away for a decent day of mixed sun and cloud. Humidity was uncomfortably high, though, with temperatures in the high eighties. We were happy the clouds blew away, but so did our volunteers - only a single volunteer appeared to join today's lonely cleanup coordinator. High water was also an issue preventing us from accessing as much of the banks as we would have liked, with the creek still at an elevated level from rainfall Friday.

At our first site of the day, Fullerton Road we removed 2 bags of trash. Our most unusual find here was a hubcap.

At Franconia-Springfield Parkway, our second site of the day, our lone volunteer of the day joined us. We collected 4 bags of trash here, all routine stuff.

Our last site of the day was Telegraph Road. Here we hauled out another 2 bags of trash. That's not enough to even make a dent in the huge accumulations of trash that we see here, trapped behind logjams. We were frustrated by the sight of several tires too challenging to extract without a full crew.

Despite all the wonderful volunteers who have turned out to help, we are still outnumbered by the litterbugs. Your club, school, business, or other group is welcome to join Friends of Accotink Creek in next year's Potomac Watershed Cleanup in April & May, and the International Coastal Cleanup in September & October! Volunteer site leaders and coordinators are needed!

Follow the Friends of Accotink Creek motto and "Find just one other person who cares".

See all our cleanup photos on our SHUTTERFLY page!

The International Coastal Cleanup is the world's largest volunteer data collection effort devoted to the marine environment. The Ocean Conservancy compiles the data received from sites around the world, and prepares a summary report to be used by citizens and policy makers in evaluating our progress in dealing with this serious form of pollution.

GET YOUR BRAIN WET! Join Friends of Accotink Creek in next year's International Coastal Cleanup in September and the Potomac Watershed Cleanup in April!

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